Onion Meatloaf Balls


Make your own meatloaf recipe using 1 lb of ground beef
2 large yellow onions
Olive oil
Roll of foil


Cut your onions in half. Carefully remove the outer first 3 layers of onion and set aside.

Fill each onion layer with meatloaf mixture, top with ketchup, reassemble onion layers and place on an oiled sheet of aluminum foil.

Wrap your onion balls with aluminum foil and twist the top to seal. Be careful not to puncture the aluminum foil.

Place meatloaf onion balls on hot coals (not directly in the flames) and cook for about 30 min. Keep rotating and checking the progress on whether they are cooked through or not.

Since every fire is different and not at a consistent temperature, cooking times may vary. Plus there are hot spots, so keep rotating to avoid any burned spots. Your outer onion may end up being the sacrificial onion and have burn spots. Either enjoy them or eat around them.

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